The delivery of Alberta's Land Use-Framework in 2009; divided the province into seven land-use regions - each mandated to develop a regional plan.  Mackenzie County is located within the Lower Peace Region; one of the regions yet to develop its regional plan.

In the absence of our regional plan the Government of Alberta has begun implementing environmental initatives, such as the Carbon Tax, and releasing draft recovery strategies for species at risk, such as woodland caribou and grizzly bear.  The cumulative effects of such policies for rural communities across our northern landscape are largely unknown, yet likely discouraging.  Provincial changes to land management in areas of high economic activity could have huge implications for the Lower Peace Region's economic output and the quality of life of people living in rural Alberta.

Moving Forward

Mackenzie County is committed to ensuring that our collective voice is heard by the Province.  We encourage a system founded on an evidence-based approach, with an integrated process for all locals and stakeholders to contribute; where socio-economic implications are assessed, with the assurance of integrated offset mechanisms ensuring the long-term economic prosperity of the region and an enhanced quality of life for our communities.

Land Management Resources and Information

Information includes a break-down for each recently released draft recovery strategy and implemented environmental intiative.  Resources include sub-folders for cited research studies and papers, copies of the policies and maps outlining proposed protection areas.  A discussion paper has also been written by Mackenzie County administration to raise local awareness of land management issues, and to outline the County's concerns.