What we do

Mackenzie County supports and enhances economic activities in the County, and is always looking for ways to improve communication with the business sector and different stakeholders.

Mackenzie County Economic Development is responsible for the attraction, retention, and expansion of businesses and business opportunities within Mackenzie County.

The Economic Development Officer (EDO) works directly with clients, site selectors, real estate professionals and relevant stakeholders to help facilitate business development, investment and the site selection process.

Mackenzie County Economic Development strives to support a strong, diversified and sustainable economy while balancing social responsiblity and environment stewardship.  There are three core business functions that the department performs.  These core functions are each crucial to the success to Mackenzie County's business environment.

Core Economic Development Functions

Business Retention

Support the needs and interests of existing business in order to continue their business contribution to the community.

Business Expansion

Indentify expansion or diversification interests of existing business and facilitate activities that assist in the further development of these businesses.

Business Attraction

Attract new investment in specific economic sectors and support business start-ups to create new growth for Mackenzie County.