The public works department is responsible for the maintenance of all public roads within the County, with the exception of private roads in mobile home parks, private driveways, roads owned by industry, and highways, which are the responsibility of Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation.  These highways include Highway 697, Highway 88, Highway 35 and Highway 58.  Maintenance of County roads includes roadside brushing, roadside cleanups, street sweeping, gravelling, snow removal, ice blading, sanding, steaming culverts, pothole patching and more.  The public works department also looks after sidewalks, signage, bridges, and roadside drainage issues.

Road Bans

Road bans are imposed to reduce the amount of damage that occurs to County roads during spring breakup, a time when pavement and soils are moisture filled and susceptible to damage from heavily weighted vechicles.

If you will be hauling heavy loads during this time make sure you sign a Road Protection Agreement which are available at either the La Crete for Fort Vermilion office.

For province of Alberta road ban locations and information visit

The following road bans are currently in effect:

A 75% Road Ban will be in effect on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 2:30 p.m. on RR 153 a half mile north of TWP 1062 north up to TWP 1064 in La Crete until further notice. 

A 75% Road Ban will be in effect on Monday, April 10, 2017 at 3:30 p.m. on TWP RD 1102 East of Highway 35 and the full length of Heliport Road near High Level until further notice.

Road Construction Requests

County residents may make application to the County for road construction.  Applications must be brought in to a County office prior to August 31 annually for consideration of construction in the next year.  In October, Council reviews all road construction requests and prepares a priority list of roads to be constructed for the next year's budget.  Policy PW039 Rural Road, Access Construction and Surface Water Management Policy outlines the requirements that must be met in order to be considered for road construction approval.


Each year, the County determines which roads require gravel and a regravelling contract is prepared.  The regravelling contract is tendered in May and regravelling begins in June and ends in August.  If it appears that there are areas that require gravel prior to the contract beginning or after the contract has ended, the County will spot gravel the required spots.

Winter Road Maintenance

Snow removal is done in accordance with Policy PW004 Winter Road Maintenance, which outlines the priorities of snow clearing County roads.  Sanding or ice-blading of icy intersections and sections is done on an as required basis, with the priority being on intersections and curves.

The County provides snowplowing and iceblading of private rural driveways to the residents of the County.  Rural residents can apply to have their driveways cleared of snow or icebladed and are required to enter into an agreement with the County for this purpose.  This service is provided at a cost of $40 for 15 minutes or a 1/4 mile of snow clearing or 50 feet of iceblading.

Dust Control

The County applies dust control at their own cost along gravel roads within the Hamlets, within school zones, and at major intersections along County roads built to provincial highway standards as per Policy PW009 Dust Control.

Residents within the County may also apply to have dust control applied in front of their residence.  This service is provided at a cost of $935 + GST per 200m with a calcium product.  Seniors may also apply to have calcium dust control applied in front of their residence. This service is provided at a cost of $200 + GST.   The deadline for applications is April 1st and will be provided on a first come first served basis.

Street Lighting

If you notice burnt out or flickering street lights, please call ATCO Electric at 1-800-668-2248 or the La Crete County office at (780) 928-3983 to report the problem.

Tender Information

Invitations to Tender and Requests for Quotations are advertised in the Northern Pioneer, The Echo, the Big Deal Bulletin and Construction Alberta News where required.  If you would like information on current tenders or tender results, please contact the County offices.

Hauling on County Roads

A Road Use Agreement must be entered into with the County prior to any commercial/industrial hauling on Mackenzie County roads.  Policy PW010 Road Protection Agreement outlines the conditions whereas the Road Use Agreement must be entered into.

Access Construction

Guidelines and standards must be in place for the construction of accesses to County road and street infrastructure in order to provide safe infrastructure for those using the accesses, local roads and streets.  An access request must be completed and approved by the County prior to the access being built.  Policy PW039 Rural Road, Access Construction and Surface Water Management Policy outlines the process by which the access is approved and the guidelines the access must adhere to.

Form - Request to Construct Access

License Agreements

Landowners may enter into a License Agreement with the County for the use of an undeveloped road allowance.  This agreement costs $1.00; however, certain criteria must be met prior to the license agreement being granted as outlined in Policy PW026 License Agreement for Undeveloped Road Allowance.

Road Fencing

Fencing on private property must be constructed inside private property to a minimum of one foot from the County road allowance.  Fencing cannot be constructed on any County road allowance unless a road license agreement is entered into in advance with Mackenzie County.

Temporary fences may be installed in County Road Allowances provided that an agreement has been entered into with the County prior to installation.  Policy PW032 Road Fencing outlines the requirement for fencing along and within County road allowances.