There are a number of parks and campgrounds throughout the County that are operated through the County and the local recreation boards.

Parks operated by Mackenzie County:

  • Tompkins Landing Day Use Area
  • Buffalo Head Tower Day Use Area
  • Tourangeau Lake Day Use Area (La Crete)
  • Wadlin Lake Campground
  • La Crete Hill Park (La Crete)
  • Reinland Park (La Crete)
  • 108 Street Park (La Crete)
  • Machesis Lake Campground (Rocky Lane)
  • Pioneer Park (Fort Vermilion)
  • D. A. Thomas Park (Fort Vermilion)
  • Hutch Lake Campground (High Level)

Parks operated by the Fort Vermilion Recreation Board:

  • Bridge Campground
    Fort Vermilion Arena Park

Parks operated by the Zama Recreation Board & Mackenzie County:

  • Zama Community Park and Campground


The County operates three campgrounds, Wadlin Lake Campground, Machesis Lake Campground, and the Hutch Lake Campground which are managed by a caretaker from May to September of each year. The cost to stay at these campgrounds is $20 per night.  For more information please check out the Campgrounds Section.