Big Backyard Park

  • Location: 108 Street, La Crete
  • Amenities: Playground and ball court

Buffalo Head Tower

  • Location: 35 km southeast of La Crete
  • Amenities: Lookout point and picnic area

D.A. Thomas Park

  • Location: River Road, Fort Vermilion
  • Amenities: Boat launch, dock, shelter, and fire pits

Jubilee Park

  • Location: 100 Street, La Crete
  • Amenities: Gazebo, skate park, playground, volleyball, picnic tables, and fire pits

Pioneer Park

  • Location: Fort Vermilion
  • Amenities: Playground, picnic tables, and fire pits

Reinland Park

  • Location: 101 Avenue, La Crete
  • Amenities: Playground, shelter, fire pits, and picnic tables

Tompkins Landing

  • Location: Ferry Crossing on Highway 697
  • Amenities: Picnic area and fire pits

Tourangeau Lake

  • Location: 2.5 km northwest of La Crete
  • Amenities: Walking trails, dock, picnic tables, and fire pits

Fort Vermilion Arena Park

  • Location: 44 Avenue, Fort Vermilion
  • Amenities: Playground, splash pad, skate park, volleyball, and heritage buildings

Zama Community Park

  • Location: 1085 Aspen Drive, Zama City
  • Amenities: Shelter, fire pits, swimming, fishing, and disc golf