2024 Property Tax Assessment: Combined Assessment and Tax Notices were mailed on May 14, 2024, to all property owners on the Assessment Roll of Mackenzie County. By this notice, all assessed persons are deemed to have received their taxation and assessment notices under the authority of Section 311 of the Municipal Government Act, RSA 2000. The deadline for payment of taxes is July 2, 2024. In order to avoid penalties, payment must be received by the deadline.

Payment Options

Entering into a pre-authorized payment agreement allows your payments to be automatically withdrawn from your bank account so you can avoid late-payment penalties. The number of payments and the amount will depend on when you sign-up. Individuals on a payment plan are exempt from penalties as long as their agreement remains in good standing.

Payments can be made online through your bank. Please allow a minimum of 3 business days for your payment to be processed. For example, Electronic Funds Transfer payments made on June 27 will not be received by Mackenzie County until June 30.

Please make cheques payable to Mackenzie County. Cheques may only be post-dated up to and including the due date. Payments can be made with a cheque in person at any County Office. An after-hours drop-box is also available at the Fort Vermilion and La Crete County Offices. For cheques deposited into a dropbox, a receipt will be mailed. Cheques sent by mail should be addressed to Mackenzie County, 4511-46 Avenue, Box 640, Fort Vermilion, AB, T0H 1N0.

Payments can be made with cash or debit card in-person at any County Office. Please do not send cash by mail or deposit cash into an after-hours drop-box.

PaySimply.ca is a payment method approved by the Canada Revenue Agency which allows you to pay your taxes with a credit card. Note that a 2.5% convenience fee is charged per transaction. Please allow a minimum of 3 business days for your payment to be processed. PaySimply

Make your payments in person at your bank.

Penalties for Late Payments

Any portion of taxes that remains unpaid after the due date will be subject to the following penalties:

  • 6% for unpaid taxes as of July 5th
  • 9% for unpaid taxes as of September 1st
  • 12% for unpaid taxes as of November 1st
  • 12% for unpaid taxes as of January 1st

Avoid potential penalties by signing up for a pre-authorized payment plan.

if You Don’t Agree with Your Assessment

The assessment roll, which shows all property values within the municipality, is open for inspection during regular office hours at the Fort Vermilion County Office.

Compass Assessment Consultants Inc. is available to discuss your assessment. If you wish to speak with the Assessor, you may do so via a video or telephone meeting. To arrange an appointment please contact:

Compass Assessment Consultants Inc.
Aaron Steblyk, Assessor
Email: aaron.steblyk@compassassessment.com
Phone: 1-800-251-9711

If you are still certain that your assessment does not reflect what your property would likely sell for on the open market, you may file an appeal to the Assessment Review Board.

How do I file an appeal?

Your appeal must be filed within 60 days of the Notice of Assessment Date indicated on your Combined Assessment and Property Tax Notice.

An appeal must be filed using the Government of Alberta Assessment Review Board Complaint Form along with the required fee. This form is also available at any County Office.

If the complaint is being filed on behalf of the assessed person or taxpayer by an agent for a fee, or a potential fee, the Assessment Complaints Agent Authorization Form must be completed by the assessed person or taxpayer of the property and must be submitted with this complaint form.

To avoid penalty charges, you must pay your taxes by July 2, 2024, even if you plan to appeal your assessment.

Note: Under the Municipal Government Act, Section 460(6), “there is no right to make a complaint about a tax rate.” This means that you cannot appeal your taxes because you feel that they are too high. You may only appeal the assessment.

Is there a cost to appeal?

appeals must be accompanied by the appropriate fee as outlined in the Assessment Review Boards Bylaw approved by Council:

  • Residential – 3 or fewer dwellings/farmland: Up to $50
  • Residential – 4 or more dwellings: Up to $650
  • Non‐Residential: Up to $650  
  • Business Tax: Up to $50  
  • Tax Notices (other than business tax): Up to $30  
  • Linear Property – power generation: Flat $650
  • Linear property – other: Flat $50*
  • Designated industrial property – major plant/facility: Flat $650
  • Designated industrial property – other: Flat $50*
  • Equalized assessment: Flat $650

*Per Designated Industrial Property Assessment Unit Identification

The appeal fee will be refunded if the Assessment Review Board renders a decision in your favor, or you have reached an agreement with the assessor prior to the hearing and signed a Withdrawal to Correction form.

Before filing an appeal…

Review your property information to make sure the description of your property is accurate. This is an important step. If you believe information about your property is not correct, arrange a meeting with the County’s assessor. Discuss any problems that might affect your property’s value (for example, a major structural problem such as a cracked foundation).

Find out if these problems were taken into account when your assessment was prepared. The assessor can re-inspect your property and correct the information if necessary.

You can also compare your assessment with other assessments of similar properties in your neighborhood. Talk with a professional appraiser, assessor, or realtor who can estimate your property’s comparative value in the current market. Remember that the value shown on your assessment notice is based on the estimated value of your property on July 1st in the previous year.

Note: It is your responsibility to contact the County office and check your property record to make sure the details are accurate.

To fill out an appeal, please use the Assessment Review Board Complaint Form.

Where do I send my appeal?

All appeals must be sent to the following address on or before the deadline:

Mackenzie County
Attn: Assessment Review Board
4511-46 Avenue, Box 640,
Fort Vermilion, AB, T0H 1N0


To see a condensed version of this information, download the 2024 Property Tax Brochure below.

Download the Brochure

The Government of Alberta has also published a number of resources that contain useful information about property taxation. The following guides are available from the Alberta Government online or at any County office: