The Mackenzie Region has three incorporated municipalities within its boundaries: Mackenzie County, Town of High Level, and the Town of Rainbow Lake. These municipalities are continually working together on regional sustainability initiatives.

The three municipalities have jointly established the inter-municipal protocols to formally recognize the tri-council relationship and establish the working parameters intended to strengthen their relationship.

Agreements with High Level

Mackenzie County has a Regional Service Sharing Agreement (RSSA) and an Inter-Municipal Development Plan (IMDP) agreement with the Town of High Level. The purpose of the RSSA is to share certain services provided by the Town to County residents residing within close proximity to the Town and/or regionally. These services include recreation, airport, fire protection, and potable water (Footner Line north to the Town).

Based on the agreement, the County shares revenues from service areas (defined as a 40-kilometer radius around the Town) in exchange for the provision of these services. An annual payment is equal to 25% for the property tax levied by the County against all properties in the service area or $500,000, whichever is larger for any given year. In addition, the County funds the Town’s capital projects at the following rates:

  • 20% for recreation projects;
  • 30% for airport projects; and
  • 50% for fire protection projects.

Total contributed dollars vary and are based on the actual capital projects undertaken by the Town. The purpose of the IMDP is to jointly control the development within an area around the Town of High Level. This is accomplished through a joint Inter-Municipal Planning Commission that meets on a monthly basis to review the proposed developments within the specified area

AgreementS with Rainbow Lake

Mackenzie County Council recognizes the small urban center, “one industry town”, challenges experience by the Town of Rainbow Lake. Therefore, the County and the Town entered into a revenue-sharing agreement. The agreement is meant to assist the Town through a consistent and predictable funding source. The Town uses this funding for the provision of services to its residents. The agreement is based on a formula that fluctuates upon changes in assessment in a sphere of influence defined in the agreement, resulting in approximately 10% (approximately $800,000) payment per annum of the total property tax collected within the sphere of influence.