News | September 27, 2021

Local Authorities Election Act (Sections 12, 35, 46, 53)
Alberta Senate Elections Act (Sections 5, 37)
Referendum Act (Section 7)

Local Jurisdiction: MACKENZIE COUNTY, Province of Alberta

Notice is hereby given:

A. That an election will be held for the filling of the following offices:

Office(s) Number of Vacancies Ward
Councillor 1 3 – La Crete
Councillor 1 5 – Blumenort
Councillor 1 6 – Fort Vermilion/Fort Vermilion Rural
Councillor 1 7 – Fort Vermilion
Councillor 1 8 – Rocky Lane

B. That an election be held for the election of a Senate nominee for the purposes of the Alberta Senate Election Act;

C. That a vote of the electors will be held on the following questions(s) under the Referendum Act:

Should section 36(2) of the Constitution Act, 1982 – Parliament and the government of Canada’s commitment to the principle of making equalization payments be removed from the constitution?

Do you want Alberta to adopt year-round Daylight Saving Time, which is summer hours, eliminating the need to change our clocks twice a year?

ADVANCE VOTING will take place on the 13th day of October 2021 between the hours of 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. and the 16th day of October 2021 between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Voting stations for the Municipal Election, Senate and Referendum will be located at:

Ward Locations
1 – 5 La Crete Heritage Centre (15411 TWP RD 1060, La Crete, AB)
6, 7 Fort Vermilion Recreation Complex (5001-44 Ave, Fort Vermilion, AB)
8 Rocky Lane Ag Society Community Hall (109220 RGE RD 143)
9, 10 High Level Rural Hall (17242 HWY 58)

In order to vote, you must produce identification for inspection. The identification must be one or more of the following as required by section 53 of the Local Authorities Election Act or local bylaw:

  • One piece of photo identification issued by a Canadian government or agency which includes the elector’s name and current address (ie. Operator/Driver’s License; Government Photo Identification Card (for non-driver’s); or
  • One piece of identification authorized by the Chief Electoral Officer under the Election Act that establishes the elector’s name and current address. (ie. Government cheque or cheque stub; property tax notice; insurance policy or coverage card; utility bill, etc.).

The complete authorized list can be found here.

If a voter’s identification shows a post office box number as the address instead of a residential or legal address, it can be accepted as verification of the current address if it is in reasonable proximity to the voting jurisdiction.

DATED at the Hamlet of Fort Vermilion in the Province of Alberta, this 27th day of September 2021.

Carrie Simpson
Returning Officer

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